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   How to put custom welcome screen messages in Windows 7      
      If you have many computers and your using that in your business, your computer are shared within your family or you just want to put some messages once the computer restarts. This tip will give you an idea how it is being done using Regdevelop and Windows Registry.

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   How to Remove items at most recently used lists for Run Window      
      If your computer are shared by your family, privacy sometimes are very important - editing history list from your run window is a very cool topic. Here’s how....

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   Hiding Drives with No Media mounted in Windows 7      
      This is the new option in Windows 7 that will let you hide empty drives or with no mounted media in Explorer. Let’s dig and unlock the hidden secrets behind the new feature!

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   How to capture and take Screenshots of the Welcome Screen in Windows 7 and Vista      
      All of the utilities I’ve seen only takes the screen shot of any part of the desktop or program, but no utilities captures the screenshot of the login or welcome screen. Here's a quick tip using Winbubbles.

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   Keyboard Shortcut to Turn Off - On Aero      
      If your a keyboard shortcut junkie, hotkeys fanatic and like hidden quick keys in Windows. You might encounter a problem in creating a toggle switch to turn off and on Windows Aero. Here you are!

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   WordWeb: Quickly search definitions and find meaning of words      

Looking for the right English words?

Wordweb is an English thesaurus and full dictionary software available for looking up words easily.

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