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   Adding Desktop Icons using Microsoft Tweakui through WinBubble and Regdevelop      

Tweakui was once the most popular in customization program through windows 98 to windows xp registry, it was too easy to use and apply. In that time, the tool provides a very simple design for performing tasks that is usually can be done only by administrators and geeks.

[Icon registry settings] Let’s study how it’s made and create a similar program using winbubble or regdevelop…

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   Getting to know your Windows Computer      
      Are you new to computers? Do you want to buy one? Welcome – you’re in the right place. This article will gave an overview of computer specifications: What they are, the different types, its hardware and what you can do with them.

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   How to capture and take Screenshots of the Welcome Screen in Windows 7 and Vista      
      All of the utilities I’ve seen only takes the screen shot of any part of the desktop or program, but no utilities captures the screenshot of the login or welcome screen. Here's a quick tip using Winbubbles.

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   How to get the Clients and Server IP address      
      Internet Protocol (IP) address identifies the computer that is connected to a network and provides location address. An IP address usually consists of four groups of numbers e.g.

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   What is a Domain, Workgroup and Homegroup?      
      Computer networks is an interconnection of computers that allows communication, sharing of resources and information. Each groupings are being managed using different methods for organizing computers in the network.

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   Gmail Account Hack! Detecting if opened in another location      
      Google launch a new feature that detects suspicious activity in your gmail account for free!

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