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   Important Power Management Features of Windows 7      

Let's dig and cover what's important energy efficiency features of Windows 7 that core users must know.

Windows 7 doesn't include a large number of new technologies compared with Vista but it has a large number of improvements such as User Account Control (UAC) interactions, Power consumption analysis, Data Encryption, Internet explorer Protected Mode, Windows Firewall improvements and Microsoft Anti-virus software.

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   Hiding the Administrator or any User account at the Welcome screen using Tweakui, Registry and Regdevelop      
      After installation of Windows 7, for security reasons - by default you'll notice that the built-in Administrator account is disabled. If you will enable the account for administrative usages, it will be shown at the welcome screen.

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   Using Subst command to create virtual drives      
      Subst is being use to associate or substitutes folders as virtual drives. The command lets you access data easily and By functionality, its almost the same as creating folders to computer window.

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   How to Connect to a Wireless Computer Network (Wifi) Using Command Prompt      
      At Windows 7 and Vista, there are several enhancements that makes geeky computing great. One of these are WLAN commands to configure your wireless local area network or configure multiple computers using command prompt. Here’s how to connect to a Wifi-Network using command-line program called Netsh.

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   Using Regdevelop to create Windows Update Registry Program      
      This tip will save you a lot of time removing some annoyances to your computer problems.

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   How to Disable the Task Manager for Limited or Standard Accounts in Windows      
      I was configuring my old installation of Windows XP when my entire facilities was hit by thunderstorms and some surge protections fails during that day. Lighting strikes near our house and luckily, only few of my computers was affected and $133 dollars worth of electronics equipment was damage.

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