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   Access your drives using Start Computer option as menu      

Ever wanted to access your drives and explorer instantly?!

This is one of the built-in options in customizations that is usually forgotten. Most of these tips are really simple and usually speed us day by day while using our computers.

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   Adding Quick Navigation Explorer feature to your Taskbar      
      Here I’m going to show the feature that I called “Quick Navigation Explorer” where it is possible to browse your files and folders located at the right side portion of the taskbar.

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   Unlocking McAfee Avert Stinger and Fake-Alert Stinger      
      The tools detects and removes threats from the “List of Viruses” included in the application.

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   How to put custom welcome screen messages in Windows 7      
      If you have many computers and your using that in your business, your computer are shared within your family or you just want to put some messages once the computer restarts. This tip will give you an idea how it is being done using Regdevelop and Windows Registry.

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   The Four Hidden Google Chrome Icons      
      Did you know that there are three more hidden cool icons in the application itself?

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   Three-clock Configuration in System Time      

Windows can display up to three additional clocks and time in other time zones. Viewing can be done by hovering or pointing to the taskbars clock.

Lets dig into the topic from Windows to registry.

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