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   How To Check if your computer has TPM Security Hardware      
      The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security is built to newer computers that uses microchip, enables your computer to take advantage of advanced security features such as BitLocker To Go and Drive Encryption.

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   Start Menu and Sub-Menu Speed in Windows      
      In this topic, we will discuss how to change the start menu load speed. This tweak also changes the speed in which the start menu and other menu such as right-click desktop menu and sub-menu for files and folders.

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   How to configure Bluetooth Devices in Windows 7      

Bluetooth allows electronic gadgets like handheld devices to communicate wirelessly. Its list of application ranges from communication between mobile phone and PCs like sending and receiving of files and wireless headset, Car stereo system for mobile phone, wireless control, input and output devices like mouse and keyboard and many more applications.

Configuring the options sometimes is very difficult. Let’s dig more about the topic.

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   Using Regdevelop to create Windows Update Registry Program      
      This tip will save you a lot of time removing some annoyances to your computer problems.

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   Using GetMAC Tool to display MAC address for Network Adapters      
      Media Access Control (MAC) address is the computer’s physical address inside the network. This tool will help you to configure your router(s) to allow only specific computers to access the network or internet.

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   WordWeb: Quickly search definitions and find meaning of words      

Looking for the right English words?

Wordweb is an English thesaurus and full dictionary software available for looking up words easily.

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